Coretalents offer a lifelong guidline to make positive choices

A coretalents analysis is the most reliable and complete starting point for a coaching process. Examples of questions that will receive answers to you are:

  • How do I get into a ‘flow’ and get energy from what I do every day?
  • How do I prevent burnout or bore-out?
  • Which aspects give me the energy to develop and feel like developing further?
  • Which educational program or training suits me?
  • What kind of job suits me?
  • What are we missing in a team to function properly or how do we divide the roles and tasks that best suit everyone’s qualities? Etc.

Shortage on the labor market: the ultimate opportunity to choose what suits you!

As already described in the article on Linkedin, you can make intuitive choices and afterward determine whether they were the right choices. If I had previously had insight into my coretalents, I probably would have made different choices. With the current shortage in the labor market, you as an employee have plenty of choices. I am happy to help you understand the choice that suits you best and that will empower you.

Empower teams with existing core talents

As Tuckman describes, a team goes through a certain development to achieve ‘performing’. You will achieve this the fastest if you focus on everyone’s strengths, i.e. on his or her strong core talents.

With an industrial engineering and management background, I can help shape and coach the ‘forming’ and ‘storming’ part and then achieve ‘norming’ and ‘performing’ by deploying and supporting each team member on his or her core talent profile in determining the division of labor. Interested? Contact us for a tailor-made offer.

What are coretalents?

Knowing your core talents is choosing to map your personality on a fundamental level in a unique, highly accurate way for positive, correct and sustainable study, career, job, collaboration and other important personal and professional choices.

Core talents = Nature (are) + Potential (will be able) + Intrinsic Motivation (wanting).

The core talent method is based on >30 years of empirical research and in-depth interviews with >12,000 engineers & scientists and all profiles since 2004. It is an accurate and immediately practical method that interviewees greatly appreciate and experience as very pleasant, correct and complete. The structured in-depth interview clarifies the knowledge and development level of all your core talents, with an eye for the influence of your environment. (Source: Core-Talents, 2021)

Background of the coretalents method

During childhood, you subconsciously choose toys/games/interests/activities that suit you.

The whole constellation of coretalents forms the ‘blueprint’ of your personality, with all your strengths & weaknesses, your developed or undeveloped potential and your intrinsic motivation to get started. A coretalent never stands alone: ​​only the combination of all your 23 core talents (small, medium, or strong) provides an accurate view of your personality. Only trained core talent analysts can correctly combine all core talents! A core talent analysis is only really complete if it is linked to a structured biographical in-depth interview. This checks for the correctness of the interpretation, and the degree of development of all your core talents and provides insight into external influences such as upbringing, gender, culture, wishes & dreams, acquired competencies, life events, environment, education, etc. (Source: Core Talents, 2021). More information can also be found on the Coretalents site.

Disclaimer: a recognized Coretalents analyst works according to the rules of the Coretalents method. I do my job with full honor and conscience to be able to provide an objective and independent report that you will enjoy for a lifetime. The basis of this report is the questionnaire you completed, which we will discuss in detail together. However: in the case of a psychological disorder or (severe) trauma, the results can be unreliable because the core talents method has never been (empirically) investigated. If this applies to you and if you have told me this, I will already explain this to you during the conversation. But just to be sure, I’m happy to include it here – again. Where appropriate, we recommend that you only bring those core talents that you effectively recognize 100%. This way you significantly reduce the chance of wrong choices.

If you have the choice, deploy your strong coretalents first in your career

Educated broadly with the achievement of a Master of Science title, I started my career and was immediately faced with the first of many choices in my career: a PhD or a job. I chose to work, extrinsically motivated because my partner was still studying. After nine years together, we wanted to make a start together. In retrospect, the choice also turned out to fit my core talents.

After several job applications, I ended up at a family business in a staff position directly under the director. Actually more out of stubbornness I took this job. An old hand asked me on the phone why I thought, as a woman in a man’s world and then also so young, to conquer a place there at all. I didn’t know then that this guts and courage stem from my core talents. In the end, it turned out to be a very conservative position where I empathically conquered my place for everyone who had to find their place again in a newly merged company.

Functional but not hierarchical responsibility is a challenge that requires political networking. Further growth was not possible. I had to propagate things that I didn’t support and that was limited to not being supported by the director. Several core talents could have explained my intrinsic motivation and behavior to stay here for two years, but then it was time to look for a new challenge.

The next function was more commercially based in an organization that develops scientific technical knowledge for application by companies. The project employees and leaders were fully focused on acquiring technical knowledge. There is plenty of mental space in this organization and it is interesting to experience some of these various developments up close. But the focus on the goal and the management of the means used for this purpose received little attention at that time. My broad study background, but also, in retrospect, a reasonable amount of strong core talents, I could not use in this job.

Visibly pregnant, I said goodbye to this organization after three years and even before our second was born, I had the choice of two possible jobs. I chose the breadth and diversity, but also the transfer of this knowledge and started at a university of applied sciences as a teacher, but soon with various roles. And that keeps the work lively and varied.

By learning a lot about myself at work, but also through the ECHA training and the training to become a core talent analyst, I am the textbook example of someone who asks themselves: What does she want? At the same time I am always developing myself and others, I am brimming with ideas and I have indomitable energy. Some call me ms. called Duracell.

It is precisely the combination of working at Fontys Hogescholen and my own practice that ensures that I can fully exploit my strong core talents. If I had had that insight earlier, I might have skipped certain steps in my career and made different choices. Looking back is pointless. Full of curiosity I look forward to the future where my path will take me. With a core talent analysis I can put you in your power faster, so that you can use your potential with passion.

Interested in the possibilities and prices without any obligations regarding a coretalents analysis and/or coaching to deploy your potential, please contact me via info@explotential.com or by sending a whatsapp message to 0031 (0)6 834 29 837.